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Kids and the Oral Health Conne…

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Kids and the Oral Health Connection

Standard dentures for real ! …

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Standard dentures for real ! Forget about infection control!…. And adjusted right away! You don’t know if you…

I posted 19 photos on Facebook…

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I posted 19 photos on Facebook in the album “”

Children and Gum Disease http:…

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Children and Gum Disease

Xerostomia and Root Decay http…

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Xerostomia and Root Decay

Would you like to win a Kindle…

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Computer planning for dental implants

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Advances in technology allow your dentist to virtually plan a treatment with dental implants. Using data produced by a CT (computer tomography) scan, the surgeon can analyze the amount of bone available for placing dental implants, and select the size of implant(s) for the specific case being treated. After the planning stage, executing the oral

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Need to talk about dental impl…

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Need to talk about dental implants? Give our office a call.

Are Invisalign Braces Invisible?

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Before invisible braces were a common part of cosmetic dentistry, the only option was the metal braces that many of us either wore as teens or had a friend that did. Teens that had the treatment done were required to withstand the teasing that goes along with wearing a smile resembling the grill of a

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