Cosmetic Dentistry

More often today than anytime in the past our patients demand the most esthetic result form their cosmetic dental treatments. It is unfortunate and frustrating for all of us that most if not all of the esthetic treatments we perform are considered by most dental insurance plans elective treatments.

At Fresno Dental Studio we know we can achieve great results with modern cosmetic dentistry. Each individual has his or her own needs and expectations. Should you choose a cosmetic dental treatments, we make sure to design a treatment plan that fits can your current dental condition and meets your highest expectations.

Time and time again, our patients testify to the fact that a healthy, attractive smile encourages confidence and effectiveness in all aspects of life. And so often, even a minor enhancement can bring about just the right look. We can provide a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments such as in-office whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain onlays and inlays, composite bonding and full-ceramic crowns.