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Dental Discount Membership - Cosmetic Dentistry in Fresno | General Dentistry | Dental Implants in clovis

Dental Discount Membership

Our dental discount membership is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care. You may also be interested in our VIP Patient Rewards. With your dental discount membership there are:

– No yearly maximums

– No deductibles

– No claim forms

– No pre-authorization requirements

– No limitations due to pre-existing conditions

– No waiting

The following services are included with your dental discount membership:

Free consultations included

Comprehensive exam (new patient, initial visit) – covered 100%

Periodic exam (1 per year) – covered 100%

Limited problem focused oral exam – covered 100%

Full mouth x-rays (1 every 3 years) – covered 100%

Child prophylaxis (2 ┬átimes per year) – covered 100%

Adult prophylaxis (2 times per year) – covered 100%

Flouride – covered 100%

Besides the above included preventative dental services, we offer our members discounts on the following services:

– Fillings and build-up – 20% discount

– Crowns and veneers – 20% discount

– Periodontal cleanings and treatments – 20% discount

– Dentures and partial dentures – 20% discount

– Oral surgery – 20% discount

– Implants – 10% discount

You may become a member by submitting a payment below. Please select the number of members in your family you would like to enroll in our program.

Submit your payment below; your payment will be processed securely by PayPal

Nr. of family members

Program exclusions and limitations:

The program is a discount membership with our office, not a dental insurance plan. As such, it cannot be used in conjunction with a dental insurance plan; it cannot be used for injuries covered under workman’s compensation policies or for procedures performed either in our office or other dental offices by dental specialists. Benefits of this membership can be used only at Fresno Dental Studio. Annual membership fees paid are non-refundable, either if benefits have been used or not. Members benefits cannot be combined with any other office discounts or special financing offers, patient portions of the fees (if any) are due on the day of service. Should you have any questions, please call our office.

For any other discounted dental services that are not covered in the membership plan, please call our office. We will advise you of the fee and you can make a secured payment below: