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Why Pediatric Dentistry is Important

Nov 11th, 2017 | By | Category: Blog

Child receiving pediatric dentistry

The American Dental Association encourages parents to take their child to the dentist by the time they are one year old, or within six months of their first tooth erupting. While this may seem early, this will allow the dentist to instruct you on proper ways to care for your child’s developing teeth and identify any potential problems.

Although baby teeth may not seem as important, they play an important role in the development of adult teeth. By keeping your child’s primary teeth healthy, you can prevent serious health issues from arising in their adolescent and adult years. Dr. Denes discusses four reasons why pediatric dentistry is important. If you are looking for a dentist who can treat both you and your child, please schedule your consultation with our Fresno, CA practice online or by calling 559-297-1294.

Protect Teeth from Cavities

The enamel on baby teeth is much softer than the enamel found on adult teeth, making it more prone to plaque and tooth decay caused by the sugars in foods and beverages. Even breast milk and cow’s milk contain natural sugars. As plaque builds up, it can begin to weaken the enamel and result in cavities. Your child may be more susceptible to cavities if they go to bed drinking a bottle of milk or consume high amounts of fruit juice. If enamel demineralization is detected, Dr. Denes may recommend dental sealants. These plastic coatings seal closely around the crevices of each tooth to protect them from harmful plaque, and can last for several years. Fluoride treatment can also be applied to growing teeth to strengthen enamel.

Learn Proper Oral Hygiene

At-home oral hygiene is also vital for maintaining healthy teeth. Parents are encouraged to begin wiping their infants’ gums with a gentle washcloth almost immediately. Healthy gums also ensure healthy teeth. Once teeth begin erupting, you can start using a child size toothbrush to brush their teeth. At your child’s appointment, Dr. Denes will instruct you on proper brushing techniques and simple tips to make it more fun. Children who begin good oral hygiene early on are more likely to maintain this throughout their adolescent years and on into adulthood.

Ease Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety affects roughly 15 percent of the American population and at its most severe can keep an individual from attending routine examinations. Building a good rapport with the dentist at a young age can prevent dental anxiety from occurring in adulthood. Finding a dentist who is both kind and gentle will provide peace of mind for both you and your child. It’s also important to remember to watch what you say about the dentist in front of your children. Some people develop dental anxiety just by overhearing a horrific experience explained by a loved one.

Correct Dental Misalignment

Once your child is of proper age, x-rays will be administered to monitor teeth both above and below the gum line. This advanced technology can also identify teeth and jawbone growth patterns and whether orthodontic treatment may be required in the future. Correcting dental misalignment and any bite disorders while the jaw is still growing can prevent any issues from worsening and lower their risk for TMJ disorder.

Book Your Child’s Pediatric Dentistry Appointment

If your toddler hasn’t visited the dentist yet, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today with our Fresno, CA practice by calling 559-297-1294 or contacting us online. Dr. Denes and our friendly staff will ensure both you and your child are at ease throughout the entire procedure.

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