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Are Invisalign Braces Invisible?

Jan 7th, 2012 | By

Before invisible braces were a common part of cosmetic dentistry, the only option was the metal braces that many of us either wore as teens or had a friend that did. Teens that had the treatment done were required to withstand the teasing that goes along with wearing a smile resembling the grill of a

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Sedation vs sleep dentistry

Dec 6th, 2011 | By

Sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry are two entirely different approaches to having a relaxed and painless experience while at your local dentist office. No one likes or enjoys even the thought of having dental work done. The mere thoughts often cause the bravest of adults to avoid making that appointment. Sleep dentistry is quite literally

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Are you ready to have orthodontic treatment?

Oct 30th, 2011 | By

The subset of Dentistry that focuses on the detection and clinical intervention of misaligned teeth is termed as Orthodontics. A number of disorders associated with Orthodontic cases can be treated. In orthodontic intervention, a pair of dental device is commonly used to exert the needed pressure to straighten teeth. Crude dentistry were already being performed

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Root canals

Apr 4th, 2011 | By

There are three components that make up a tooth: a tough protective layer referred to as the enamel, a softer and sensitive interior layer referred to as dentin, and the pulp which is a soft inner layer. Dental pulp is composed of nerve tissue, lymph tissue and blood vessels, and is considered to be the

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Cosmetic dentistry

Mar 4th, 2011 | By

Taking cosmetic dentistry into consideration, it is an affordable miracle. In this case, a lifelong investment in your smile is being made. Usually, the costs involved with having an improved smile are $5,000 to $8,000 for a complete smile restoration through bonding, veneering, and crowns, $200 to $1,000 for recontouring and bonding, and $200 to

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Brushing up your teeth knowledge

Mar 4th, 2011 | By

At some stage in our lives, we all have them, under the nose and above the chin, but then do we really know everything we should about them? Below is some things we have to know about our teeth. There are different kinds of teeth because each one serves a different function. The teeth that

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Guide to OralB toothbrushes

Feb 27th, 2011 | By

You can discover a wide variety of electronic toothbrushes from Braun Oral B. So no matter if you require a inexpensive or sophisticated electric toothbrush, you can locate a excellent one, if you select a Braun Oral B product. The Oral B Triumph electronic toothbrush is one of the most advanced types on the market.

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Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Feb 25th, 2011 | By

  Traditional or Family dentistry has maintained a concentration on prevention and overall oral hygiene, through analysis and <span class=”IL_AD” id=”IL_AD10″>treatments of oral health conditions. Aesthetic dentistry however has focused on improving the visual appeal of a persons smile, teeth, and mouth. Therefore, family dentistry concentrates on dental matters that require immediate treatments, whereas aesthetic

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Restorative benefits of cosmetic dentistry

Sep 2nd, 2010 | By

Traditional dentistry concentrates on preventing and/or treating oral disease. Cosmetic dentistry is more of an elective service for the reason that it basically concentrates on improving the look of a person’s teeth, mouth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry also provides restorative benefits. Dental fillings are used to treat and restore decayed teeth. Most fillings were composed

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