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Toothache? You May Need a Filling or Crown - Cosmetic Dentistry in Fresno | General Dentistry | Dental Implants in clovis

Toothache? You May Need a Filling or Crown

Jun 7th, 2017 | By | Category: Fresno Restorative Dentistry, Oral Health, Preventive Care, Tooth Decay

Treating tooth pain with a dental filingA toothache can arise due to tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, and many other reasons. Tooth decay most commonly results in an irritating toothache. When you have an achy tooth, it can  impact your ability to perform your daily routine. The pain can be excruciating when you eat or drink and cause temperature sensitivity. Dr. Claudia Denes in Fresno, CA provides simple solutions for annoying toothaches. According to your unique situation, she may suggest a dental crown or filling. Each option is slightly different, however both are intended to reduce your level of pain and give you the comfort you need throughout your busy day.

Tooth pain shouldn’t interfere with your daily productivity; schedule your appointment with Dr. Denes in Fresno, CA today to discuss your pain relief options. Call 559-297-1294.

Tooth Decay and Cavities

Although cavities usually develop in children, they often present themselves in adult mouths as well. A cavity is the result of bacteria left from sugary or starchy foods and drinks. Tooth decay damages the protective enamel on the outer surface of your teeth, and then slowly eats into the tooth until the inner pulp chamber is breached. You know a cavity is serious if you can feel it, since nerve endings are only present in the innermost part of the tooth. Deep cavities can cause both intermittent tooth sensitivity and constant pain throughout the day.

Dental Filling

A filling will provide you with relief from your tooth pain, but may need to be replaced or reassessed after a few years. Dental fillings can weaken or fracture over time. If this happens, additional tooth decay can build up under the filling. This leads you back to your original dental problem and can lead to the need for root canal therapy. This unfortunate series of events doesn’t happen for every patient, so it’s important to have regular dental visits every six months, so Dr. Denes can check the status of your fillings.

Dr. Denes will begin the process of placing your dental filling by removing the decay on your affected tooth. She will thoroughly clean the area, leaving it as sterile as possible. To give you a more natural restoration, she will match the filling to your surrounding teeth, eliminating the possibility of it standing out from the rest of your smile. Once the color is matched, she will fill the affected area with a composite resin, and then harden and bond the resin to your tooth with a special light.  The entire process will be completed in a single visit, allowing you to quickly get back to your life.

Dental Crown

Unlike a filling, a dental crown can solve the problems caused by a large affected area. If decay or a cavity has overtaken the majority of your tooth, a dental crown may be your best solution for the pain. Crowns are permanently cemented to your tooth, leaving you with a long lasting fix for your tooth pain. Dental crowns are placed over the entire tooth, therefore acting as a protective cap for the affected tooth. With this option, the tooth will be protected from the harsh and negative effects of future tooth decay and cavities.

Unlike a dental filling, a crown will require two visits. At the initial visit, Dr. Denes will first remove decayed tooth matter and enamel from your problematic tooth,  so the crown can effectively be placed over the tooth. A dental impression will be taken, to ensure the new crown fits your mouth perfectly. She will also quickly create and place a temporary crown. You will be asked to return for a second visit, where she will place your customized permanent crown.

Toothaches are common and unnecessary; schedule your appointment with Dr. Denes today in Fresno, CA to determine if you need a dental crown or filling to relieve your pain. Call 559-297-1294.

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