Covid-19 vaccinations

In collaboration with our sister office Fresno Dental Implants, our office is pleased to announce that we are offering Covid-19 vaccinations. Fresno Department of Public Health distributes the vaccine free of charge to carefully selected medical offices that meet a very stringent set of criteria.

Vaccinations are only given to qualified individuals that have secured an appointment online from this page. In order to ensure an equitable opportunity for all patients of record and non-patients to receive a vaccine we are not making appointments over the phone. Please do not call our office for vaccination scheduling. Prior to making an appointment, please visit Fresno Department of Public Health Covid-19 vaccination page; make sure that you qualify based on the current Tier being vaccinated, according to your age, occupational exposure risk and/or other documented medical comorbidities and Covid-19 disease risk factors. Our staff will not be able to vaccinate any patient without proof of age and residence and unless all the current conditions conditions set forth by Fresno Department of Public Health are met.

Prior to your your appointment you must:

1. Download, print, fill-out as needed and sign the COVID-19 vaccination consent form (English) (Espanol)

2. Download, print, fill-out as needed and sign the Prevaccination checklist for COVID-19 vaccines form (English) (Espanol)

You will need to bring with you at your appointment the two documents listed above; in order to ensure social distancing and expedite vaccine delivery, we will not be able to print these documents in the office for you. If you cannot print documents, please ask for assistance of a friend or relative. Without these documents, you cannot be vaccinated.

3. Review the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine fact sheet for recipients and caregivers; for additional information on the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and foreign language translations, please visit FDA’s specific section.

The vaccine is being offered free of charge. Please ensure that you comply with all the requirements listed above prior to making an appointment; the appointment reservation site is best viewed in Google Chrome or Edge (does not work in Internet Explorer); on the appointment page, specific patient information needs to be provided as it will need to be entered in California Immunization Registry after vaccination – click here to continue to the online appointment system

If you are unable to find an appointment in the online booking system, we are out of appointments or out of vaccine. Please check to locate an alternate vaccination site.